Laura Uplinger is an educator and life-long student in the field of conscious pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal parenting. 

For over 30 years she has promoted prenatal and perinatal education, conducting workshops and speaking at symposiums, forums and conferences in Europe, North America and South America.

She served for eleven years on the board of directors of APPPAH, the Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health. She chaired their 1993 International Congress, “Womb Ecology ~ World Ecology” in Washington, DC., and their 2007 International Congress, “Birth & the Human
Family ~ Embracing the Power of Prenatal Life” in Los Angeles.

Laura’s work experience includes:

  • Facilitating ”Mommy & Me” groups in Los Angeles
  • Working on the Psychosomatic Medicine Team in the maternity ward of the Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia, Rio de Janeiro    
  • Working with C.P.A.I.M.C. (Center of Research and Assistance Integrated for the Woman and the Child) in one of Rio de Janeiro’s slums
  • Preparing a Brazilian implementation of the Venezuelan “Proyecto Familia” for the Superintendent of Education and Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Serving as a staff member during the pre-operational phase of the “Proyecto Familia” in Caracas,  a program of the Venezuelan Ministry for the Development of Intelligence
  • Volunteering at the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital of Caracas, as the children’s visiting librarian
  • Serving as a staff member of the Office of Public Information at UNESCO – the United Nations Education Science, Culture & Communication Organization – in Paris 

Laura wrote the script for A Gift for the Unborn Children an award-winning documentary video, and contributed a chapter on conscious conception entitled “A Cosmic Collaboration” to the anthology The Marriage of Sex and Spirit, published by Elite Books in 2006.

Laura earned her bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology from the Sorbonne in 1977.

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